Thoroughbred Handicapping Education and Skill Development

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Basics Class: "Handicapping Winners at the Races"
We all know it's not easy to pick winning horses during a day at the races. Designed for beginners and veterans alike, this course emphasizes the basic predictive factors and stats that the experts use to win.  Guest speakers include contest finalists who discuss their particular method of play to produce consistent profits and Thoroughbred professionals with fascinating inside information.  Educate yourself on the fundamentals of the game and the high percentage angles that bring home profits.  Learn how to read the program and racing form to increase your fun and turn a profit more often at the track. 
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Prerequisites: None

Beyond Basics:
"Advanced Thoroughbred Handicapping"

Are you a true student of the game?  A thoroughbred racing fan who likes to talk horses and the finer points of handicapping?  Do you regularly read the Daily Racing Form?  This course for veteran bettors focuses on specific predictive factors and how to think about them, breeding, track bias, probabilities and wager decision making for consistent profits at the track.  Listen, discuss, and learn about advanced handicapping methods and concepts from trainers, expert horseplayers, and contest finalists.  Get ready for Spring racing!

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Prerequisites: Played the horses to win at least once in your life

No gimmicks,
no systems.

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Lots of Psychology goes on behind the scene.


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In the Basics Class:
to read the racing form and what factors are the most predictive.  Learn about the best wagers, how regular and professional players stay in the black.  Practice your handicapping skills and test yourself on the competitive "final exam."  Discover how to create your own selection and wagering methods for a really good time at the races!
Learn about these handicapping factors:

   Class Condition
   The Jockey
   The Trainer

...and most importantly the "game inside" the horseplayer's thinking.  Beat your Opponent, the Betting Public, at their own game and turn your study into more money!


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