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Our Philosophy. . .
      Handicapping horse races is a game of mental skill.  The opponent is the Betting Public who sets the odds.  Gimmicks and systems do not produce consistent winnings in the long run, or we all would be doing it!
      Unlike horseplayers of the past century, the modern handicapper has a mass of sophisticated data immediately available, making the game increasingly competitive.  There are numerous trade books, videos, and seminars available to the thoroughbred racing fan that share the "secrets" of the handicapping game.  Many of these present handicapping essentials, or someone's considered angle, but no other book gets into the head of the horseplayer like
The Psychology of Thoroughbred Handicapping!
      Once the fundamentals of the game are learned, handicappers require deeper insights to turn those good picks into real profits.  Basic research on horseplayer thinking has revealed that the human element can be as important as the equine element for skilled handicapping.  The basic psychology of perception, memory, judgment and decision making provides solutions for a new century of handicapping, giving students of the game an ultimate edge over the betting public.
      Neither the Book nor the PSYHORSE handicappers advocate systems and automatic wager methods.  There are no guarantees for any one race in this game of ours, but the skilled handicapper can beat the races in the long run with strategies that avoid the human mistakes and illogic common to us all.  Horseplayers of all skill levels can improve their game by putting a little psychology into practice.  Best of luck!

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The Psychology of ThoroughbredFront and Back Covers
Lessons and Valuable Insights
by Thomas Wilson "If you're like me, you consider yourself a student of the game of handicapping..."

Copyright 2009 - pbk., 240 pgs.
         ISBN: 0-9798837-0-9

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